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Genuine AFK Baby shark small shark nicotine salt tobacco oil tobacco fruit flavored electronic cigarette 30ml


35 mg / 30 ml, ancient salt

Milk: the taste of this product is mainly sweet milk.

Added special flavor as titian! Except for the sweetness of milk.

The biggest surprise to me is that the aftertaste will not be very greasy, and there will not be a lot of sweetness left in the cavity, so that this milk flavor can be

As a ration grade smoke oil then used for a long time

Suitable for old and new players. In addition to being used in a small smoke can be added to the old players can also be used in the back of inhalation atomization

The use of milk and special spices in the layer is very full! The entrance is sweet

Milk is even more delicious

Grapes: this is a simple grape flavor. No other spices are added to a single taste. The taste of grapes is so direct, so direct to the sweet grapes you find on the beach in the tropics. I was surprised by the taste of grapes

The reduction,

Nutty tobacco: this product has a strong nutty aftertaste, with tobacco as an aftertaste. After a long mellow flavor,

Commonly known as: aging!

Suitable for both old and new players, except in small smoke which can be filled with oil.

Older players are more likely to use them in backburners,

The layering of nuts and tobacco is very full into the fermented and mellow nut flavor and then back

The aroma of tobacco is even more lingering is a regular grain grade tobacco oil

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