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Nicsalt shark-gram nicotine salt tobacco oil 30ml fruit red wine tobacco smoke tobacco smoke cigarette smoke cigarette special electronic cigarette oil

The nicotine salt formula can be filled with small tobacco or special smoke oil for atomizer

Ice wine 40 mg / 3 oml

Nicsal40Mglce Red Wine

Cool red wine smoke oil from northern California red wine estate, red wine with cool mint refreshing and not greasy mouth feel.

Jasmine tea 40MG/3OML

Nicsalt40MgJasmine Tea

The delicate fragrance of jasmine is accompanied by the faint fragrance of tea. A mouthful of jasmine tea is full of mouth feeling

40 mg / 3 oml fresh strawberry


Fresh Stawberry

The fresh strawberry of full-bodied and mellow is Fried in the mouth, let taste bud meet a perfect encounter, let a person cannot extricate oneself

Tribeca tobacco 40MG/30ML

Nicsalt40MgTribeca Tobacco

In tribeca, New York, tobacco is slightly sweet and mellow, making it smoother

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