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The original Renova zero e-cigarette oil kit smokes the taste of tobacco

From the inspiration of "0"

Filled with the beauty of the fluidity of arc, ZERO quietly arrives

When you meet that one instant dynamic curve leap before your eyes

It exudes an irresistible charm

VAPORESSO lays out a multi-brand strategy and launches its brand-new RENOVA. RENOVA focuses on the research and development of POD products. As its pioneering work --ZERO, it is endowed with high expectations, heralding a new start and a new journey!

Limit is infinite, zero is nothing, no best is better. Next, take you to understand ZERO and appreciate its charms.

Ceramic atomizing core

Preloaded with VAPORESSO's widely acclaimed CCELL ceramic atomizing core. Special ceramic heating materials can restore the pure smoke oil taste

Satisfying a good nicotine delivery experience.

Few products miserably

Size: 31x13.5x802.2mm capacity: 2ML

Built-in battery: 650 mah three range adjustable power: 9-12.5W charging current: 1A

Black silver green white red blue orange arctic blue rainbow color

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