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Language of salt nicotine salt tobacco oil 30ml fruit red cow tobacco flavor quit smoking small tobacco dedicated e-cigarette oil

Salt niguj salt (lemon grapefruit)

Taste: classic taste, fresh and natural in nicotine salt and oil products

Reduction is done in a clear hierarchy

Language nicotine salt (plain tobacco)

Taste: preferred tobacco extract, well-made

Selected layer by layer, a long time extraction, carefully savor the lips and teeth left incense.

Nicotine salt (apple ice)

Taste: the sour and sweet apple flavor is blended into the small smoke, allowing the taste to be more experienced. In the pleasant afternoon, the taste is like being in the memory of youth, which makes people not bear to disturb.

The devil's kiss in salt


The sour king in ice shuang, acid shuang raspberry flavor, plus the cold shock feeling let people shout refreshing.

Salt grape milk

Taste/grape milk

In the mouth, the grapes taste delicious and cool. When they are exhaled, they have a faint milk taste and endless aftertaste.

Salt niguj salt (red bull)

Taste: tired heart tired feeling is still tormenting you, come to a red lipstick bull refreshing, momentarily refreshed.

Salt nicotine salt (honey tobacco)

Taste: a mixture of sweet and sweet honey tobacco, an impression of dry and oily tobacco, a clear flow from the tobacco industry, a comfortable taste plus a suitable throat. Variety of flavors

Nicotine in salt (blueberries)

Taste: popular smoke-oil flavors, but with careful adjustments, blueberry's distinctive fruit flavors stand out, with moderate cooling combined with the niguls' pounding throat.

Nicotine salt (frozen watermelon)

Taste: highly restore the taste of watermelon itself, as well as the texture of the mouth.

Product parameters

Name of tobacco oil: nicotine salt in salt

Capacity: 30 ml

40 mg concentration:

Recommended equipment: suggest small smoke

VG-PG: nicotine salt

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