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Sweet red grapefruit nicotine salt smoke oil electronic smoke fruit tobacco smoke small tobacco smoke oil

Red ice grapefruit nicotine oil

30 ml (50 mg]

Puffs of tobacco

Crispy chocolate with ice cream like kashda sauce, packed with aromatic British flue-cured tobacco and nicu salt, bring you a taste of tobacco.

Blueberry bead blasting

Natural Spartan blueberry extract: fresh, sweet and sour berries with peppermint, new nicotine salt.

Nuts of tobacco

Select macadamia nut hazelnuts, roasted almonds, superior egg milk, proper combination of nicotine salt with mature Oriental tobacco, cool and sharp throat.

Red ice grapefruit

Superior grapefruit, with the sweet taste of blood orange, and the unique taste of grapefruit flesh. Add the fresh aroma of Antarctic red ice.

Add a new process of complex nigulate, organic acids to make you more enjoyable.

Small and pure and fresh

Hawaii deep surface natural ice spring, natural extraction and natural fragrance of Hawaii melon and fruit, fresh and natural lover,

The addition of nicotine salts will keep you cold and cool

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