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Teslacigs tesla GG small cigarette electronic smoke gravity sensing bluetooth connection APP can be adjusted pressure temperature control lamp color can be oil injection

1. Smoke stick 2 smoke ball 3

6. Warranty card 7. Charging line


How to refuel:

Open the inner package and take out the smoke cartridge; Pull out the soft plug on the oil hole of the cigarette cartridge and inject the nicotine salt oil into the oil hole. After filling the oil, press the soft plug tightly. Finally, insert the smoke cartridge into the device. (when using the new atomizing core, please do not immediately note that the cartridge is filled with smoke oil: inhale, shake the oil evenly first, then lay the entire kit flat for a minute before using 5, allowing the organic cotton to fully soak.)

Smoke cartridge capacity: 2. OML

Battery capacity: 380mAh

Material: aluminum alloy +PC

Atomization core type: ceramic atomization core - 1.52 Ω

Charging time: 1.3h

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