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Genuine NOS tobacco fruit tobacco taste one cigarette smoke instead of e-cigarette smoke

Super cool mint flavor: refreshing wine extracts high concentration of mint leaf essence, and reaches the bottom of the heart with a cool feeling of three times, making the whole body cells wake up.

Grape and rose taste: rose is a holy living creature, meet

Tianxiangguo flavor: tianxiangguo taste beauty and beauty -- passionfruit, cranberry, kiwi fruit and other seven fruits perfectly combine to enjoy the fruit feast, full of vitamin C and vitamin E, didi sweet.

Taste of pomelo anmian: the tryst of natural sweet pomelo and melatonin, sweet fragrance, quiet mind, natural and pure breath, enjoy the pleasant life.

Golden oil flavor: fresh milk from New Zealand, with a soft and smooth taste.

Classic tobacco flavor: the use of pure tobacco raw liquid extraction, starting a feast from the tobacco manor, strong throat, excellent taste.

Concubine smile flavor: crystal clear large lychees mixed with soda cool, sweet moist mouth

Fresh in the heart, enjoy the tip of the tongue, on the refreshing summer.

Tropical nut flavor: the thick milk flavor is covered with crispy nuts, which are fresh and delicious.

Blueberry beading flavor: extract the natural blueberry essence, restore the rich fruit flavor, and the flesh jumps between the teeth.

Big nostalgic taste: the great taste of childhood, through vernal sunshine and gentle breeze, sweet and sour taste has become unforgettable scenery in memory.

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