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  • Feature

Brand : DR.SALT

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 30mg

Volume (ml) : 30ml

Flavour Profile : Coke Ice Pure Tobacco Oolong Tea Cool Watermelon Banana Cream Pie White Peach Pineapple Father's Tobacco Hazelnut Tobacco Blueberry Toon Cheese Mango Yogurt

Country/Region of Manufacture : Asia

  • Taste Description

Pure tobacco:

Pure flue-cured tobacco scented with fermented tobacco, full of smoke and comfortable aftertaste

Cola Ice:

Highly restored cola flavor, with the feeling of carbonated drinks, this is the cool cola

Oolong tea:

Fresh oolong, full of musk, Ding salt in the tea scented belt, encourage the throat, it is very addictive

Stormy watermelon:

Refreshing and delicious watermelon, cool ice, decrypt summer heat

Banana Cream Pie:

Light banana flavor, a little milk, creamy and sweet, natural harmony

White Peach Pineapple:

Natural juicy white peaches with fresh pineapples, filled with sweet aromas in the summer

Father's tobacco:

The first person of butter, the waffle mixes the brandy back to the rhyme, the faint fingertip cigar flavor is evenly scattered in the smoke, the overall performance is very harmonious, the aroma is attacking, and the smoke is not greasy.

 Hazelnut Tobacco:

A selection of finest Western American tobacco extracts, blended with Virginia flue-cured tobacco, supplemented with nuts, biscuits, and vanilla to restore an American smoker's all-weather VAPE pure ration to the smoky

Mojito (cocktail):

It’s a good summertime with a cocktail, but it’s a good day.

 Toon Cheese:

A touch of fragrant scent and a fragrant cheesecake, the entrance is instant, sweet and refreshing, but not greasy, giving a sweet and pleasant enjoyment.

Mango Yogurt:

Mango and yoghurt are sweet and fresh, fresh and fresh, not sweet and sweet.

Blueberry  :

Unscrew the lid and bring a blueberry aroma. The light blueberry flavor of the mouth gives a very juicy taste experience. There is a clear hierarchy between the one call and the one, and the taste is fresh and clear.

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