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The original Smpo MT e-cigarette kit is a new hand for smoking cessation

Brand: MT

Size: 1.5*19.1*1 14mm smoke bomb type: ceramic atomizer smoke bomb capacity: 1.7ml smoke bomb height: 4.5cm battery capacity: 420 millian charging time: 2 hours

Ceramic core, high reduction in taste

The advantage of ceramic core is that it can experience reality to a large extent

Cigarette taste, clean and non - toxic health

USB interface at any time and anywhere without power charging magnetic charging base charging is convenient and fast

When the power is off, the light will flash and the smoke will be reduced. When the power is charged, the signal light will be turned on

When the full power status of MT is full, the signal light will flicker and then go out

Under full power, the smoke rod can be used about half the amount of smoke, or maintain the basic use of one day

Peppermint fruit flavored cigarette cartridge:

In the hot summer, this oil is a must, cool mint, as if you are in the water park, cool with a faint mint incense. Forget that you are still in the hot summer.

Strawberry tobacco flavored tobacco cartridges:

It smells fresh and strawberry, and it feels very fresh. When you smoke it, you find it has a fresh style

Green tea flavored smoke cartridges:

Super positive green tea fragrance, with a cool feeling, like iced green tea, smoke through the throat feeling better, across a silk cold, after pumping out the tongue and lips with green tea fresh

Watermelon ice (new flavor) :

Natural and refreshing watermelon ice taste, coupled with fresh mint, slightly cool like watermelon friends love the hands, after the throat is still slightly cool watermelon aftertaste to give you a completely different experience

Journey (new taste) :

Cognac paired with tempting cheesecake produces a flavor that goes beyond premium cigars

Classic tobacco flavor smoke shell:

The familiar smell of hand-cured tobacco opens up the aroma of the tobacco on the tip of the tongue. Gentle mouthfeel, infatuated between one call one inhale, curl up in the eyes, left the mood, enjoy floating comfortable languid lazy.

Flue-cured tobacco tobacco flavor cartridges:

Feel the unique richness of artisanal flue-cured tobacco, and combine with the smooth cream to give the tobacco a fuller texture. In the aftertaste can taste delicate and delicate, feel another artistic conception.

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