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Genuine MSML cigarettes - advance e-cigarette packages quit smoking sticks

Product parameters

Brand name :MSML

Color: skull, camouflage, fiber, black, blue, rose gold

Product size: 10.5cmx1.9cm product quantity: 1 set oil storage capacity: 1.8ML battery capacity :350mah

Applicable population: smokers over 18 years old or want to quit

MSML power data

300 persistent outputs

According to the measured data, under full power condition can draw the normal demand of 300 mouth

Charge at top speed for 30 minutes

Very fast charging speed, charging just 30 minutes can be fully charged

The berry age:

Green raspberries with a little smoothie, sour raspberries are me!

Butter tobacco:

It's never been easier to quit smoking instead of choking!

Green Mary: one mouthful down, full and fresh leaf flavor, take you to review the nature, fondle admiringly!


Matcha has a slight milky aroma with a hint of green leaves

Fresh and natural!

Lychee ice green tea:

A cool tea flavor accompanied by sweet litchi, permeated in the mouth, fresh one summer

Fruit mix:

The full-bodied fruit fragrance accompanies a silk cool and refreshing, lets you fondle admiringly!

Explosive seven stars:

Love mint, cool and cold in the mouth!

Plain tobacco:

The combination of traditional flue-cured tobacco plus upper nicoj salt makes you feel good about the smoke.

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