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DO unbound atomizer DIY single hair storage oil for nicotine salt smoke oil to create electronic smoke vapor smoke

DO unbounded atomizer

The "boundless atomizer" under the brand "DO" invites many enthusiastic players to join us. Adhering to the craftsmanship spirit of "player" and "taste", it is a mouth suction RTA atomizer specially made for niku J salt, smoke and oil. Rapid collection of atomized particles design and collection of condensate innovative airway, and the operation of a single double column electrode table, super anti-condensation treatment, combined with the internal flat air intake and external four adjustable intake, so that it has a very high flavor resolution, intensity, is not comparable to the taste of small smoke equipment.

"Boundless" is a pragmatism, discard the useless gift box packaging, use portable functional storage box, equipped with accurate heating core and core tools, use the core to do intercore, but also get excellent taste.

DO, for 'taste'. No boundaries, more understand the 'player' voice.

Product type: diy oil storage atomizer

37 x22mm straight path:

Colour: silver/black

Air inlet: bottom air inlet

Oil injection: top oil injection

Core type: DIY single hair

Type of cigarette holder: 510 cigarette holder

Oil storage capacity of smoke nozzle: 3ml

Suitable heating wire: ni80/a1 /ni200

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