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Authentic Manta Tank devil fish finished atomizer electronic smoke smoke finished oil storage taste


Model :Manta Tank atomizer

Size: 47mm long, 24mm diameter

Capacity: 2.0 ml

Thread :510 thread weight :54g

Main material :304 steel

Atomizer capacity :5ml

Support atomizer :Manta Tank atomizer

Finished core coil material: mesh core

Resistance: 0.2 Ω / 0.16 Ω

Quantity: 5 pieces per box

Manta tank has a good taste, and people who have used it generally give a good evaluation. The bright spot of this product still has his storehouse cover, no matter be the grid shape storehouse cover that matchs original or spare dazzle color transparent storehouse cover, it is not much see, as to the exterior it is to differ from person to person. The 5ml bin body has a large amount of oil storage, which saves a lot of work. The finished core of the two resistors can be selected for all kinds of power supply equipment, which is highly recommended for beginners.

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