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Taiwan imported tea ceremony nicotine salt oolong tea tieguanyin electronic smoke oil atomized liquid vapor smoke

Oolong tea:

Fresh oolong tea flavor nicotine salt smoke oil, the entrance of the strong tea fragrance in the mouth slowly spread out, silk sweet taste curl not loose, a high degree of reduction of smoke oil


The orchid fragrance of natural fu, taste mellow sweet, sweet back long, commonly known as timbal tieguanyin tea fragrance high and lasting, the so-called tea collocation slightly mint

Ice lemon tea:

Bring you traditional Hong Kong style tea restaurant lemon tea flavor! Fresh lemon flavor, refreshing and refreshing, clear lemon fruit slices with tea, honey to restore the real taste of lemon tea!

White peach oolong:

Oolong tea tea aroma, white peach fruit aroma, combined with the fresh taste is self-evident

Capacity: 30 ml

35 mg concentration:

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