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Us import GRANOLA BAR whole grain fruit series flavor nicotine salt tobacco oil e-cigarette 30ml

Concentration: 36 mg / 50 mg

Capacity: 30 ml

Banana cereal: banana adds aroma of cereal of nutrition grain teng teng, rich and smooth mouthfeel is in tongue tip blast crack, smooth and smooth, the fragrance that inhales full mouth cannot abate for a long time

Strawberry cereal: a cup of hot strawberry nutritional cereal with a sweet strawberry flavor

Blueberry cereal: the added blueberries combine with the mellow and full-bodied cereal to produce a rich flavor of the superior dessert. The plump blueberries are more likely to make people happy.

Coffee cereal: smooth coffee entry, plus cereal without any discomfort or other miscellaneous taste, in the taste of coffee and at the same time has the aroma of cereal, taste super good

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