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  • Feature

Brand : Skwezed

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 25mg/50mg

Volume (ml) :30ml

Flavour Profile : Litchi Mango Peach Grapefruit Apple   / ICE Litchi  ICE Mango ICE Peach ICE Grapefruit ICE Apple

Country/Region of Manufacture :  Europe and America

  • Taste Description


Like the lychee pro, don't miss this lychee, the whole taste entrance is like the scent of lychee, the taste is thick but not greasy.

 Mango :

The faint mango scent of the entrance makes people instantly refreshed, as if they have entered the world of icy mango.


The fruity scent from the fresh peaches rushes to the surface, and the high quality of the reduction makes the scent of the juice enjoy the sweetness of the juice, the taste is fresh and sweet but not greasy, and the aftertaste is full.

Grapefruit :

The fresh grapefruit pulp is pressed, the aroma of the grapefruit is slightly scented with a slightly sour taste, fresh throat, as if inhaling the whole grapefruit, the fragrance of the grapefruit is not scattered.


Fresh and pure apple juice fragrance, super high restores the fresh fragrance of apples, inhales the mouth of the mouth full of apples, the overall taste is simple but not simple

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