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Skwezd nicotine salt apple mango fruit flavor electronic cigarette liquid 30ml

Concentration: 25 mg / 50 mg

Capacity: 30 ml

Lychee: like the dear friends lychee, this one lychee must not miss oh, the whole taste of the entrance is like the fragrance of lychee,

The taste is strong but not greasy.

Mango: the faint fragrance of mango at the entrance makes you feel relaxed instantly, just like entering the cool mango world.

Juicy peach: the fruity fragrance from fresh juicy peach comes to your face, and the high quality of reduction makes you enjoy the sweetness of juice with each bite. The taste is fresh, sweet and not greasy, with a full aftertaste.

Grapefruit: flesh of pure and fresh grapefruit is pressed, the aroma of grapefruit is long take a few slight acerbity mouthfeel, pure and fresh moist throat, as if inspiratory whole grapefruit, the fragrance of grapefruit lingers not come loose

Apple: fresh and pure apple juice fragrance, super high reduction of the apple's fresh fragrance, inhaled mouth apple fragrance, the overall taste is simple but not simple

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