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Open the box and the host defaults to the lock screen state. Unlock: press the ignition switch 3 times to unlock; lock the machine: press the ignition switch 3 times to lock the machine;

Adjust the screen brightness: The ignition button is pressed five times in a row to enter the screen brightness interface, and five kinds of brightness are available.

Every time smoking, it takes more than 2 seconds to calculate as "smoking mouthwash" and increases cumulatively;

Every time you charge, you will clear the number of cigarettes you have already remembered;

When charging, the LED indicator turns red. When it is full, the indicator light is off. If there is no operation, the screen saver time is 3 seconds.

● Low-Battery: The battery voltage is too low; SHORT: The host is short-circuited after ignition;

●Low resistance: The host is shorted before ignition. Protective function:

Short circuit protection, low resistance protection

Low-voltage alarm: When the voltage is lower than the set voltage, the voltage is too low to protect the battery. Overcharge protection: When the voltage reaches 4.2 volts, the charging will stop. Limited time protection: After 10 seconds of smoking, it will stop automatically

  • Include

1 * SXmini host

1 * Oil-filled empty smoke bomb

1 *USB data cable

1 *Product manual

  • Features

Brand :SXmini

Host material: zinc alloy + aluminum

PCTG food grade material, resin cigarette holder

0.69-inch OLED display

Shell material: ceramic core

Weight: 48g

Shell capacity: 1.5 ml

Block: 1.0 ohm

Charging current: 5V/350

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Power range: 7.5-12W

Battery capacity: 400 mAh

Size: 106.9*22.3* 20.2mm

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