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British SZ small smoke hipsters electronic cigarette steam smoke men and women quit smoking taste electronic cigarettes can be injected oil for smoke and smoke.

SZ momo joint name

The outstanding features of the Zeltu X Pod kit are undoubtedly the clever design of the cartridge. It is mainly used for atomization of MTL lung and mouth suction. The adjustable airflow at the bottom of the base of the nozzle provides sufficient airflow to adjust the tightness.

The cartridge is connected to the battery through a magnet, and the cartridge is firmly fixed in an appropriate position. When the cartridge is replaced, it is also convenient and simple to use and can be replaced, and only needs to be pressed. The top screw is loosened for simple filling.

The Zeltu X Pod kit features a smooth brushed steel surface that is higher in CP than most small smokers and can be easily recharged via a 1A power supply and a side USB. The side-marking juice filling hole allows the cockroach to operate directly at a glance. The light is also used as a battery level indicator to let the player know clearly how much power is left. It is also cautious to make a small idea to be mistakenly hit and fired. When the switch is carried out, it is not worried that the player will feel at ease.

  • Include

1* ZELTU X Pod configuration:

1 * ZELTU X battery

1 * 2mL can be filled with Zeltu X Pod

1* USB charging cable

1 * Instruction manual

  • Features

Shell capacity: 2ml

Built-in battery: 900mAh

Voltage: 3.7V

Resistance: 1.2 / 1.6 ohms

Indicator light: 80% ~ 100%

Battery white light, 60% ~ 80%

Battery blue light, 40%~ 60%

Power: Green light, 20% ~ 40% power:

Purple, 20% under

Red light press 5 times switch machine

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