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American import BEARD  fruit cheesecake series flavor nicotine salt tobacco oil e-cigarette 30ml

Concentration: 50 mg

Capacity: 30 ml

Coffee tobacco:

Strong tobacco wine, mixed with delicate and strong coffee, with soft and creamy sweetness, dancing on your taste buds, giving off a rich and complex taste.


Mix New York style cheesecake with fresh strawberries, no mixed flavor, strawberry cake on the front, candy on the back, can not be missed

Oolong tea cake:

Filled with the flavor of freshly Fried cinnamon cake juices, like an unforgettable first bite of sugary, cinnamon-swept pastries, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't regret trying.

Iced fruit cup:

A special nicotine salt formula is added to a cocktail glass with a small amount of sweet cream to create a fresh fruit mixture.

Sour and sweet white peach: the fruit of white peach is sweet, sour and sweet absorb one mouthful to go in immediately contented, pure and fresh mouthfeel is self-evident

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