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  • Feature

Brand : EXOTIC

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 50mg

Volume (ml) : 30ml

PG/VG : 40/60

Flavour Profile : Japanese Matcha Mixed Fruit Table Phoenix

Country/Region of Manufacture : Asia

  • Taste Description

Japanese matcha:

Given the experience of tea that has never been seen before, the fragrance of tea is enhanced to a higher level under the fusion of NICOSALT, and the warmth of the throat is smoother.

Mixed fruit:

The rave party of the whole summer fruit, a variety of fruits in a subtle mix of teasing taste buds, so I can’t stop

Desktop phoenix:

The rich pineapple scent is the first memory that I know. The sweet and sour taste of the pineapple makes the entrance unforgettable. This is the true color of the phoenix pear, as if it is melting in the real fruit of the lips and teeth.

The flavor of the fragrant nut is the main ingredient, the tobacco is the auxiliary flavor, and the taste of the flavor is rich.


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