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  • Product info

AVP is a "self-priming" device. Once opened, it can be used without pressing any button.

Aspire also introduced variable power tuning on AVP., allowing users to adjust the power output of their devices.

Built-in battery capacity of 700mA, coil resistance of 1.20,

Can have enough power to last a whole day,

It depends on your atomization style and the power output you choose.

  • Include

AVP host * 1

AVP atomizer *2

Micro USB charging cable *1

Hang rope * 1

Description * 1

Warranty card * 1

Certificate of approval * 1

  • Features

Smoke storage capacity: 2ml

Atomized core resistance: 1.20

Atomizing core material: ni-cr alloy

Empty smoke cartridge (without smoke oil): bottom oil supports conventional smoke oil and nicotine salt smoke oil

Smoke pole (host) parameters:

Battery capacity: 700mAh

Output mode: adjustable power output three voltage regulation: 8W\ 10W I 12W smoke pole

Weight: about 50.5g

Charging mode: Micro USB interface charging

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