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  • Feature

Brand : Coastline E-Liquid

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 0mg

Volume (ml) : 60ml

Flavour Profile : Apple jelly, strawberry lemonade, orange mango mint, white hat melon mint

Country/Region of Manufacture : USA

  • Taste Description

Apple fudge Green Flash

Each inhalation brings a tantalizing sour taste, which comes from the sour, sticky green apple jelly that travels across the tongue, causing the mouth to lose control

Strawberry lemonade kingtide

The sour taste of fresh lemon stimulates your palate, while the unique taste of ripe strawberry makes your tongue red and makes you salivate like crazy

Orange mango mint Trade Winds

Like sailors of old, this orange mango breeze gets you where you need it

White Cap melon mint White Cap

You can enjoy soothing honeydew, sweet watermelon and cream, and smooth cantaloupe because it completely moistens your palate

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