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  • Feature

Brand : Hemlock Vapor Co.

Nicotine Strength(mg/ml) : 3mg

Volume(ml) : 60ml

Taste : Malted Strawberry / Lemon Berryade / Peach Sunrise

Country/Region of Manufacture : USA

  • Taste Description

Malted Strawberry by Hemlock Vapor Co. is a sweet and savory e-liquid that matches the delicious flavor of a classic strawberry malt shake.

Primary Flavors: Smooth Strawberry Malt Shake

Malted Strawberry by Hemlock Vapor Co. E-liquid is an exceptional milkshake-inspired treat that combines malted strawberries with creamy, velvety milk. Every hit will have you struggling to believe that you're not consuming loads of calories. With every inhale, that satisfying malted strawberry taste captivates your sweet tooth. The strawberries are sweet, juicy and refreshing. The milk starts to flood your mouth with its richness. When you exhale, the creaminess of the flavor lingers on the tongue.

Lemon Berryade by Hemlock Vapor Co. is a sweet and tarty lemonade raspberry blend which is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Primary Flavors: Old Fashioned Lemonade, Sweet Raspberry

Lemon Berryade by Hemlock Vapor Co. E-liquid is a thirst-quenching treat that combines freshly made lemonade with tart and sweet raspberry juice. The sharpness of the berry complements the lemon's zesty taste wonderfully. You'll feel deeply refreshed as you vape this summer-inspired beverage flavor. When you inhale, the sharpness of the raspberry flavor is instantly apparent. The raspberry flavor's tartness is soon introduced to the zesty, slightly sour taste of lemon juice. You'll feel rejuvenated as these fruity juices soak into your taste buds. Each exhale makes the sweet tooth jump for joy thanks to the perfect level of sugary goodness.

Peach Sunrise by Hemlock Vapor Co. is a juicy peach cocktail blended with orange juice and sweet grenadine. 

Primary Flavors: Juicy Peaches, Fresh Oranges, Sweet Grenadine

Peach Sunrise by Hemlock Vapor Co. E-liquid is a fruity cocktail that satisfies the thirst and invigorates the taste buds. Freshly juiced peaches are blended with the juice of zesty oranges and drizzled with grenadine. With each inhale, the sharp tang from the peaches makes you drool like crazy. Then, the bright, zesty orange juice runs down your tongue, putting a smile on your face. The juice drips down your throat to satisfy your thirst. With each exhale, that grenadine makes you feel like you're enjoying a luxurious cocktail on an island resort.

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