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  • Feature

Brand name: 7 Daze

Nicotine concentration (mg/ml) :30MG

Capacity (ml) : 30ML

Flavor:Mango ICED Reds / Reds Berry Iced / Reds Watermelon Iced / Reds Grape Iced / Reds Apple Iced / Reds Apple Iced


  • Taste Description

Mango ICED Reds

An icy version of the mango nectar elixir, this time around, introducing a blast of icy menthol to cool the throat and invigorate the spirit.

Reds Berry Iced

A nicotine salt rendition of their most recent flavor of Berries Iced, combining a variety of tart raspberries, tangy pomegranates, and luscious blueberries to create a perfect trifecta of fruity flavors touched with a hint of menthol. 

Reds Watermelon Iced 

A brand new fusion of nicotine salts with one of the industries most popular flavor, Reds Watermelon Iced, combining fresh sliced watermelons mixed with a dash of icy menthol for a tasty but frigid vape experience.

Reds Grape Iced

A frigid combination of nicotine salts mixed with a cluster of vine-ripened grapes and a light touch of mentholated goodness to create this frozen grape juice vape.

Reds Apple Iced 

A nicotine salt reiteration of the ever-popular apple juice flavored vape from 7 Daze combining tasty red MacIntosh apples with a gust of chilling menthol to give the tastebuds the frosty flavor they're looking for.

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