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  • Feature

Brand : DR.POD

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 20mg

Volume (ml) : 10ml

Flavour Profile : Tieguanyin/Green/Real taste like smoke/Strawberry yogurt/Green arrow cucumber/Sydney passion fruit

Country/Region of Manufacture : 美国

  • Taste Description


The tea is full-bodied and mellow, and it has a long history of returning to the heart.


Slightly lifted and succulent, the meat is sweet and juicy, the super mint is cool, and the splendid feeling of the frozen green is spread.

Real taste like smoke

Highly restores the fragrance of handmade tobacco, the fragrance is soft, the spirit is refreshing, the taste is life, the taste is like smoke.

Strawberry yogurt

This really palatable subtle sweet and sour, flying youthful mood, experience the wonderful taste, clear and not greasy

Green arrow cucumber

Strong mint, sweet and elegant, fresh breath, cool and good

Sydney passion fruit

Aromatic passion fruit added to sweet juice Sydney, a wonderful combination of people, blending in the breath of the sweet and sweet, will never let you down

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