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  • Feature

Brand : DR.FROST

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 50mg

Volume (ml) : 30ml

Flavour Profile : Orange mango ice/Watermelon ice/Strawberry ice/Red Bull Ice/Cantaloupe blackcurrant ice/Grape ice/Apple cranberry ice/Cherry ice

Country/Region of Manufacture : Asia

  • Taste Description

Watermelon ice

Watermelon Ice is an unparalleled expression of juicy summer melons cut in winter, blending icy mint and mint watermelon with sweet nectar.

Strawberry ice

Strawberry Ice is an arctic expression of ripe grapes from strawberries, with a hint of menthol that brings a cool taste and a taste bud that is frozen and fruity.

Grape ice

Grape ice is a kind of frozen joy, rich in ripe grapes, and a cold menthol to create a cold taste that enhances the senses and cool throat.

Orange mango ice

Know the recipe for this icy blend of oranges and frozen mangoes. Set for the final white feeling.

Red Bull Ice

When you need to be energized, make a cold iced energy drink!

Cherry ice

The sweetness of the cherry is sour and rich, like the pink lips of the young and sweet girl.

Apple cranberry ice

Apple and cranberry ice combine crispy green apples with juicy cranberries, making them ideal for all-day use.

Cantaloupe blackcurrant ice

There is a fresh and sweet taste filled with sweet taste in the mouth.

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