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Peek insulation ring, excellent insulation and flame retardancy, simple overall structure, high-end atmosphere, grades with frosted gold and stainless steel, RDA atomizer for the best taste.The amount of smoke and the balance of the bottom of the atomizer are designed to effectively control condensation. From the appearance point of view, the rattlesnake is the drip oil atomizer of the bottom side double inlet.

1. Simple design

2. It is easy and convenient to install the heating wire, and can cope with various fancy coils.

3. Double apron nozzle to enhance smoke concentration

4. The base is very deep, and the double-column and four-hole electrode columns make the wire easy and convenient.

   Parallel three inlet holes are distinguished from conventional shapes and can spread the airflow


Summary: The rattlesnake structure is simple and easy to use.

With a rich palate, there is plenty of smoke, a combination of taste and smoke.

  • Include

1 * AIM-9 RDA rattlesnake atomizer

2 * Customized Clay Peng heating wire

4* insulation ring

4* inner six screws

1 * wrench

1 *Instruction manual

  • Features

Material: 304 food grade stainless steel and gold plated

Size: 24*38mm

Oil storage: 0.85ml-1.5ml

Net weight: 51.7g

Interface: 510

Environmentally friendly resin large diameter nozzle OD: 16mm

Bottom intake, adjustable air hole, two-electrode four-hole design

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