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  • Feature

Brand : Tea ceremony

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml) : 35mg

Volume (ml) :30ml

Flavour Profile :Oolong tea/Iced lime tea/White peach oolong

Country/Region of Manufacture :Taiwan

  • Taste Description

Oolong tea

Fresh oolong tea taste nicotine salt smoke oil, the rich tea fragrance in the mouth slowly spreads out in the mouth, the sweet taste is not scattered, the high-reducibility of a smoke oil

Iced lime tea

Bring your lemon tea flavor to the traditional Hong Kong-style tea restaurant! Fresh lemon, refreshing and refreshing, clear lemon fruit and tea, honey to restore the true taste of lemon tea!

White peach oolong

The tea of ​​Oolong tea, the fruity aroma of white peach fruit, the fresh taste after the combination is self-evident

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