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  • Product info

Imported PEl material nozzle, good touch and anti-scalding

Aviation aluminum sandblasting oxidation process, colorful

Slanted air intake design, smoke gathers, the taste is more intense

Bottom imported PEl gasket, heat insulation and high temperature resistance

The core workbench is more suitable for filigree

Four-hole electrode column, 24 gold-plated process, the internal large space is easier to apply to the filament, the oil guide groove design is deeper, not easy to leak oil!

  • Include

1 * rabies DIY mechanical nebulizer

1 * electrode screw

1 * apron group

  • Features

Dimensions:  24mm * 26mm

Material: magnesium alloy

Color: steel, black

Weight: 40G

Type: RTA mouthfeel atomizer

Applicable body: 510 interface / 810 drop nozzle

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