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  • Feature

Brand : Plunder/Mavigator

Nicotine Strength(mg/ml) : 3mg

Volume(ml) : 60ml

PG/VG : 30/70

Flavour Profile : Litchi mango aloe milkshake, Green apple

Country/Region of Manufacture : Europe and America

  • Taste Description


The pure American predator smoke oil from the other side of the ocean, with green apples as the main flavor, mixed with multiple fruits, enjoy the feeling of the first love-like fresh fruit in the mouth explosion! Different from apple smoke oil on the market, the unique formula green apple mixes multiple fruits, does not affect the main taste of apple, and enjoys the layered taste of various fruits! The latest exclusive technology in the United States has improved the shortcomings of glycerin water absorption, and it has a lot of dry mouth and strong smoke.


A variety of fruit mixes, lychee and mango with lychee sweet and with a thick milkshake.Sweet and overflowing will take a bite full of happines

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