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  • Product info

Easy on the upper hand! Contact VAPE One this electronic cigarette, by the short form to see still have the appearance level of the 100, and the operation is simple also to leave a deep impression to the user after use......

Rather than being a product of how one is performing, today's biggest feeling after the experience is clear - it is easy to operate and is perfect for novices.

The list in the package is easy to see: the main engine is equipped with two finished cores, the two glazed silica gel pretend bility rings and two glass oil bins. It was a surprise to find that the one-piece machine was also equipped with a suction cap

Because there are very few electronic cigarette products that have a suction cap in the market now, it is practical to use them, and they feel OK.

  • Include

2 * atomizing core

1 *USB charging cable

1 *Instruction

1 * cigarette holder

1 *Forcing ring

1 *spare glass bin

4* spare rubber ring

  • Features

Dimensions: 22mm x 113mm

Battery capacity: 1600mAh

The list in the package is clear at a glance: the main unit is also equipped with two finished cores, a colorful silicone ring, and two glass oil bins. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this body machine is also equipped with a "nozzle cover"

Because there are few e-cigarette products with “nozzle cover” on the market, it is practical to use or to embroider the legs.

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