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  • Product info

 Tesla can be regarded as the brand of the line.

  • Include

1 * Tesla host

1 * atomizer

2 *Atomized core (1 is built into the atomizer)

1 * glass tube

2* manual

1 *Cautious card

1 * Certificate

1 *USB data cable

  • Features


Host material: zinc alloy

Maximum output voltage: 8.5V

Electronic output current: 30A

UAB: 5V/1.0A

Host weight: 148g

Output power: 7-85W (increased per 0.5W)

Chip performance: The characteristics of Tesla chips are fast and fast, and the power is the most famous.

H8mini atomizer: This H8 mini is a signature atomizer of Tesla. It has a double-issue and single-shot core. The finished core is rare. Because of the difficulty, this is definitely worth trying. . The refueling method, which is rotated and opened, is very creative and especially convenient.妳Is it often found that when the top cover is refueled, it is found that the top cover cannot be placed in a suitable place. This design creatively solves this problem.

Design positioning: Tesla is a tough guy in appearance, this is no exception. Especially yellow, personal favorite this color.

Small and portable: use a single battery. Let its volume reach the level of daily portability and ensure its practicality. Some people will say that the battery life is not good, personally think this is a slap. A single battery is definitely not as good as a dual battery, but you have to hold two batteries on the main unit. This is not as good as a spare in the bag. Usually you only need to take the shackles. This is a more reasonable configuration.

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